Texas Bigfoot Communications LP has been an Authorized ICOM Dealer since 2007. We became an ICOM Dealer because of the quality of their radios and the outstanding reputation in the Land Mobile Radio Industry. Not only do they manufacture a high quality Mil-Spec product, but they have been successful in holding their price point below other manufactures for similar types of equipment, thereby making their products more affordable to a wide range of professional radio users.

TBC has sold, installed and currently maintains thousands of ICOM Radios that range from on-site conventional & trunked campus type systems to our wide area PassPort Network Trunk System users utilizing base, mobile & portable ICOM radios. Many of our Passport NTS clients use and rely on ICOM daily as a cost effective solution to meet their vital business communication needs to.

ICOM manufactures a full spectrum equipment offering including:
  • A full product line of P25 Public Safety Radio equipment
  • A full product line of Amateur Radio equipment
  • A full product line of Marine Radio equipment
  • A full line of Aviation Radio equipment
All available from Texas Bigfoot Communications!

The most popular models we sell include:

For more information and pricing regarding ICOM radios, please contact us at 713-462-2929 or email us at sales@txbigfoot.com.

Our services include:

  - FCC License Assistance

  - Spectrum Leasing & Mgt.

  - Spectrum Acquisitions

  - Site Management

  - System Design & Engineering

  - System Documentation

  - System Equipment Selection

  - System Installations

  - System Maintenance Programs

Venue expertise includes:

  - EOC's

  - Tunnels

  - Hospitals

  - Pipelines

  - Industrial Plants

  - Wide Area Systems

  - Campus Environments

  - Hi-Rise Buildings & Malls

  - Field Deployable Systems

Motorola Case Study     |     Tel: 713-462-2929     |     Fax: 713-937-4329     |     Email: customerservice@txbigfoot.com

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