Bigfoot Communications offers full Turnkey optimized solutions to fit all your wireless communications needs. From the highest levels of Mil-Spec Public Safety rated equipment & Professional Radio equipment to Economical Basic simplex packages.

We offer the a full line of products from MOTOROLA, ICOM, TAIT, YAESU, BOSCH-TELEX, ANDREWS, EMR, ASTRON, ICT POWER SYSTEMS, NEWMAR, LAIRD, AMXRAD, LARSEN, SCALA-KATERIEN, TELEWAVE, SINCLAIR, TX-RX, DBSPECTRA and many other top quality equipment manufacturers.

We examine your business, discuss its operations to determine your exact communications needs and potential further optional needs to design a platform that will meet all technical specifications and future expansion potentials and requirements.

With over 50+ years combined experience providing customer oriented solutions to complex business operations, We pride ourselves on taking a conservative approach to our system designs, installations and maintenance philosophies. This guarantees our client's total satisfaction with our products and services.

Our services include:

  - FCC License Assistance

  - Spectrum Leasing & Mgt.

  - Spectrum Acquisitions

  - Site Management

  - System Design & Engineering

  - System Documentation

  - System Equipment Selection

  - System Installations

  - System Maintenance Programs

Venue expertise includes:

  - EOC's

  - Tunnels

  - Hospitals

  - Pipelines

  - Industrial Plants

  - Wide Area Systems

  - Campus Environments

  - Hi-Rise Buildings & Malls

  - Field Deployable Systems

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