Tait Communications

Tait is a global leader in designing, delivering and managing innovative communication solutions that help utilities and public safety organizations to keep the lights on and communities safe.

Our difference? A total devotion to our customers' causes, combined with the commitment to listen, courage to act and integrity to deliver what we promise.

The most popular models we sell include:

For more information and pricing regarding Tait radios, please contact us at 713-462-2929 or email us at sales@txbigfoot.com.

Our services include:

  - FCC License Assistance

  - Spectrum Leasing & Mgt.

  - Spectrum Acquisitions

  - Site Management

  - System Design & Engineering

  - System Documentation

  - System Equipment Selection

  - System Installations

  - System Maintenance Programs

Venue expertise includes:

  - EOC's

  - Tunnels

  - Hospitals

  - Pipelines

  - Industrial Plants

  - Wide Area Systems

  - Campus Environments

  - Hi-Rise Buildings & Malls

  - Field Deployable Systems

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